Windows 8 Navigation tips

Windows 8 has two separate interfaces; the old familiar desktop interface that we all know, and the new Windows 8 Start Screen user interface. Getting around things, and navigating in Windows 8 Start Screen interface is not as clear as it should be, and it could be confusing for new users.  However there are a few simple tips that could make your life easier when it comes to Windows 8 8 screen desktop Windows 8 Navigation tips

Windows 8 Navigation tips :

  • Keep in mind that Windows 8 desktop and Start Screen are completely separate. They work and act differently.
  • You can go to the Start Screen from your desktop user interface by simply pressing the Windows Key if you are using a keyboard, or by taping the Windows button if you are using a tablet.
  • To go to the desktop interface from your Start screen interface, simply tab or click on the desktop tile available in the list of tiles displayed on your Start Screen.
  • There is a bunch of useful shortcuts available on the right side of the Start Screen, and the right side of the Desktop interface. These shortcuts are called the Charms bar.
  • To display the Charms bar, hold down the Windows key and press C. Or you can swipe to the right with your fingers, if you are using a touch screen.
  • If you can’t find an app or a program, go to your Start screen and just start typing the app’s or  program’s name. You will get a list of apps and programs that match your input.

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