Twitter App for Windows 8 is now available

Twitter has launched its native Windows 8 and RT app.  The new twitter app for Windows 8 is available now in the Windows Store. The app’s design is closer to the rather than the design of other Twitter mobile apps. The app includes tabs for Home, Discover, Me, and Connect. The app is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and other languages, totaling 22 languages.

This app makes use of Windows 8 new interface and brings in new features customized specially for Windows 8.

Twitter app for Windows 8 new features:

1.Snap view
This feature enables users to snap  Twitter to any side of the screen (left or right) and launch another app. It also enables resizing the app to 1/3, 2/3 or full screen.

2. Photos
Images are displayed in landscape view, enabling users to view a larger version of photos. Users can now also view multiple images in the Discover tab by swiping horizontally.

3.Share charm
Share charm enables users to tweet and also share any content from apps directly to Twitter. This is done by selecting the Share charm which is accessed by swiping from the right edge of Windows 8 screen.

4.Search charm
The Search charm enables users to locate any account easily, and look up specific hashrags to view tweets.

5.Live Tiles and notifications
Users can now view their Twitter notifications  for messages and replies from their Windows Start screen.

Take a look at this video released by Twitter to see those new features in use
0 Twitter App for Windows 8 is now available

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