Tips on how to Shut down /Restart Windows 8

Since there is no Start button on Windows 8, many new Windows 8 users are wondering where can they shut down and restart their Windows 8 from. In this article, we will explain different options of how to Shut down or Restart Windows 8.

To Shut down/ Restart Windows 8

Option 1

  • Point your cursor to the right upper corner of the start screen (or press WIN +C). This will open the Charms bar. Then select “Settings”.  You can go directly to settings by pressing WIN + I.
  • Click or tap on “Power”, and then click or tap Shut down. Note that you can also select Restart, Update or Sleep.

Option 2

You can shut down using the old and popular  Ctrl+Alt+Del method. Simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del which will display the options Shutdown, Restart and Sleep on the screen. Click on the action you want to perform.

Option 3

You can shutdown Windows 8 using Command Prompt
Open your Windows 8 Run Command and type in ‘shutdown / s’ to Shut down or ‘ shutdown / r’ to restart and then hit the Enter key.

Option 4

You can shut down your PC in Windows 8 using the Run command. From your start screen, start typing ‘ shutdown -s -t 0 ‘ and hit Enter.

Option 5

You can bring up the Windows 8 Shut down dialog box by using the shortcut Alt +F4. Then from the drop down menu you can select Shut down, Restart, Sleep, Switch user or Sign out.

Option 6

You can create a shortcut  tile to shutdown or restart your Windows 8. Here’s how to Create Shutdown /Restart Shortcuts  Tiles in Windows 8

Option 7

You can Shutdown or Restart Windows 8 by using a shortcut key. To do this follow the below steps:

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