How to install windows 8 apps?

Windows Store offers a large number of different types of Windows 8 apps that users can browse through, buy or download for free. This is a new feature of Windows 8. This tutorial will show you how to install Windows 8 apps from the new Windows Store to your Windows8.

To  install Windows 8 apps from Windows store, follow the below steps:

1.Press on the WIN key to go to the start screen in Windows start screen user interface.
2.Go to the Store app and click on it and you will be directed to the store screen, as seen in the below screenshots.

Windows 8 start screen How to install windows 8 apps?

windows store 1 How to install windows 8 apps?

3.Browse through the available categories, and select a group that you want to look for apps under. From the above screen if you select the Top Free tile you will get the below screen.

windows store free How to install windows 8 apps?

4.Browse and search for an app that you would like to install. Once you have chosen a specific app, simply double click on it. Say for example you want to install the weather application from the above list, just click on it and the below screen will appear.

windows store weather How to install windows 8 apps?

5.Double click on install, and the install process will begin.

Note:  The first time you install Windows 8 apps, you will get a message prompting for your Microsoft Account and password. You will have to enter your Windows Live ID email address and password. If you don`t have one, you will be prompted to create one (by clicking on Sign up for a Microsoft Account). Once you enter your Windows Live ID Account, the installation will start. This is shown in the below screenshot.

sign in MS How to install windows 8 apps?


If the app that you have selected is not a free one, then you will go through a payment process.

When the app installation is complete, you will get a pop-up notice on the top right corner and you will also hear a tweet sound.

The app will now be displayed at the Start screen as you can see in the below screenshot.

install windows 8 apps How to install windows 8 apps?

Note: When you install Windows 8 apps on your system, keep in mind that each user on the computer would have to install his/her own apps.

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