How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?

Windows 8 lock screen is one of the new features in Windows 8. As nice and new some people might think of it, some people will not like it, and will look for ways to disable it. There will also be times when such feature would not be necessary for some people, and the simple normal log on screen would be just enough. This tutorial will show you how to disable Windows 8 lock screen.

To disable Windows 8 lock screen follow the below steps:

1. Open the run command box by using WIN Key + R shortcut.
Window8Run How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?

Note: you can also open the Run command box by simply typing run from the Start screen, and the run command option will display on the left side of the screen. Click on it and the Run command box will open.

2.Type gpedit.msc in the Run box command, then click OK. This command will start the Local Group Policy Editor as seen in the below screenshots.
gpedit How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?
local group policy How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?

Local Group Policy Editor is used to control many Windows settings.

3.Now that you have opened Local Group Policy Editor, navigate through: Administrative Templates, Control Panel and then choose Personalization. This is shown in the below screenshot.
local group policy editor How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?

4.On the right side, under Personalization you will see all the settings that you can control in this section. Select ‘Do not display the lock screen’ and double-click on it and the below screen will appear.
windows 8 lock screen How to disable Windows 8 Lock Screen?

5.Now that you have opened the ‘Do not display the lock screen’ window, click on enabled in order to enable this policy. Then click on Apply and then OK. Once you have enabled the ‘Do not display the lock screen’ policy, your Windows 8 lock screen will no longer display. You can check this by pressing on the CTRL Key+ ALT Key + Del or WIN Key + L.

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