How to restore default Windows 8 Firewall Settings?

Windows 8 Firewall

This tutorial explains in details how to restore default Windows 8  firewall settings. Windows 8 Firewall works as a protector for the system. Sometimes, you need to reset your Windows Firewall for different reasons, such as Continue reading

How to Defrag Windows 8 partitions


One of the main operations that could be used in Windows 8 to improve the speed and performance of the operating system is to defrag Windows 8 partitions. Writing new files on a hard disk and deleting old files from your hard disk can cause clutter of your files and over time your disks will become fragmented. Continue reading

How to create a shutdown/restart tile in Windows 8


This tutorial will show you how to create a shutdown/restart tile in Windows 8. To shut down your system, you can use shortcuts such as the ALT key + F4 shortcut or the WIN key + C which will display the power icon on the right side of the screen. But it is always nice to have the shutdown/restart shortcut right there on your desktop. This is not available in Windows 8 by default. However Continue reading