One thought on “How to activate Windows 8 Administrator Account?

  1. I tried both options but with no success. I have been trying to access several of my programs for a very long time. I remember the administrator password exactly the way it was before. You see a while ago there was something wrong with the computer so we had it professionally restored and reset for it to work again. But ever since, I’ve never been able to access the administrator account whatsoever; so I end up having to use the other account that is not administrative.
    When I tried the second option first I got a message saying ‘System error 5 has occurred’
    ‘Access is denied’
    And When I tried the first option it showed a red X with text saying. ‘This snapin may not be used with this edition of windows 8. To manage the accounts for this computer, use the user Accounts tool in the Control Panel.’ I have no clue how to access the user accounts tool in the Control Panel. Please help me with this issue. I do not like Windows 8 at all because I constantly have issue finding things with it.

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