How to fix Windows 8 Apps are not working problem?


If you are reading this, most probably your Windows 8 Apps are not working. Some Windows 8 app tiles don’t respond when you click on them, and some apps start but do not respond to any triggered action. In this article we will list and explain a number of possible solutions for this problem, and hopefully you find the solution that works for you. Continue reading

How to Refresh your PC in Windows 8


The new Windows 8 Refresh your PC option preserves your personal data, apps and settings while reinstalling the Windows underneath.  When you refresh your PC, Windows 8 boots  into a Windows Recovery Environment which keeps your personal data, settings and apps. Then it re installs Windows, and puts the user data, settings and apps back from the Window Recovery Environment. Continue reading

Windows 8 Navigation tips

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 has two separate interfaces; the old familiar desktop interface that we all know, and the new Windows 8 Start Screen user interface. Getting around things, and navigating in Windows 8 Start Screen interface is not as clear as it should be, and it could be confusing for new users.  However there are a few simple tips that could make your life easier when it comes to Windows 8 navigation. Continue reading